Battle to the End: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, a battle in and outside the pitch.

fmf007 February 20, 2012 0

Soccer fans, all over the world, are talking about “LA LIGA” the Spanish Futbol (Soccer) League. Their focus is on the battle, that José Mourinho Real Madrid skipper and Josep Guardiola swore to fight this year.  Real Madrid is leading the pack with 10 valuable points over the Barcelona. The question in everyone’s mind is will the team fronted by Lionel Messi plus 10 have what it takes to get them to the promised land?

Let’s look at the facts. Barcelona is playing three tournaments, COPA del REY, EURO LEAGUE and LA LIGA, they are tired and a few soldiers are down like Afellay, and Villa, both key players. They have a good breed of young players like Cuenca, Tello and Robert, but they still need more time in the game to get used to the Barcelona way of “Futbol”.  Barcelona’s record is 51 pts with 68 goals in favor and 17 goals against. Their leading scorer is no other than Lionel Messi, probably the most valuable futbol player today.

On the other hand we have a team of major stars from every corner of the world, Real Madrid, who is presently at 61 pts with 79 goals in favor and 21 goals against. They’ve overpowered every team that they’ve faced except Barcelona. Mou’s squad is healthy, lined up by many world class players. If he can’t use Ronaldo who has scored 28 goals, he can go to the French power forward Benzema or the Argentine super striker Iguain. However, the reason that Mou’s Real Madrid is doing well is that they are only plying two of the three major tournaments and they have a very powerful bench, where  players like Brazilian super star KAKA, or Spaniard super star Callejon, await the call.

The battle is set, the soldiers are focused and both sides know that there is no room for mistakes. La Liga has a total of 14 games left, Barcelona needs to win all games, and Madrid needs to continue their onslaught through all of their matches.  Will it be Real Madrid? or will it be the Barcelona? By May 13th the world will know who is the king of futbol in Spain’s electrifying LIGA.