“Will he Stay or will He go”… is the tune the futbol world is playing.

fmf007 February 29, 2012 0

Will He Stay or Will He Go

Every Futbol fan and journalist is wondering if Pep Guardiola wil stay or leave Barcelona at the end of the season. Unfortunately no one knows the answer, but here are the facts.

Pep keeps a low profile demeanor. He doesn’t talk about it, even though in a few months the decision has to be made. Today many coaches are preparing to take over the helm of one of the greatest futbol teams of all time.  Many key people within the futbol world are saying that if Pep Guardiola leaves at the end of the season the next coach will come from South America in the name of Marcelo Bielsa, the Argentinean coach that is doing a great job with Spain’s Atletico De Bilbao.

The question remains, will he get the call to take over the elite team from Spain and the world or will Pep decide to stay and continue to keep people suffering the supremacy of Barcelona?