Martinez or Chavez? The Ultimate Question in Boxing

fmf007 March 18, 2012 0

Argentine Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez showed the world why he should fight for the Middleweight title, currently held by Chavez Jr.  It only took him 11 rounds to defeat Mathew “Mack The Knife” Macklin at the old boxing Mecca, the famous Madison Square Garden.

When he was asked what is next he said, “I want the belt that Chavez has right now”.  The boxing world is expecting  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to finally give in and step in to the ring with Sergio Martinez. This could be the biggest grossing fight of 2012.

Martinez who is known to be a very fast paced and agile boxer, whose record stands at 49 wins (28 KO) 2 ties and 2 losses, will from this day forward be known as one of the best middle weight fighters in the world.

Will Chavez Jr grant Martinez the fight for the belt? Will Martinez be denied by other boxing figures the chance to fight Chavez?  The biggest question that will start brewing very soon is where will the fight take place? Could it be New York, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or somewhere else?

For the time being, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez will have to wait and see if Chavez Jr will accept to step in to the ring and fight with Martinez, or continue hiding behind the words of his father and other officials to avoid doing so.