The End of an Era. The Beginning of the Abyss.

fmf007 April 27, 2012 0

One of the most  powerful teams of all times, the one that no one thought could be beaten or  imitated, is no surprise anymore. It is a team that needs to change it’s path  to be able gain all of the territory that it has loss in less than a month of competition.

Joseph Guardiola has decided to leave the realm of Barcelona after many wins and triumphant returns, showing the world that  “FUTBOL” is very simple.

Where will PEP go next? No one knows. One thing is for sure, where he goes expect a team to win many games, battles and bring lot of smiles to fans.

The new SKIPPER will be Tito Vilanova, his confidant, eyes, and an important piece of the puzzle, one of the reasons why Barcelona became one of the greatest “futbol” squad of all times.

The question that everyone is asking is will Mourinho be next? Will Real Madrid President Fiorentino Perez  need to go crazy looking for a substitute for his man in command?  The answer is brewing and with time on our side, the “futbol” world will either be shocked or  accept to continue seeing MOU on the sidelines of The Bernabau.