The Titanic went down?

fmf007 April 25, 2012 0

The powerful team of all times, the one that no one would be able to beat or to imitate is no surprise anymore, is a team that needs to change its path a bit to be able gain all of the territory that it loss in less then a month of competition.

Barcelona is not in the final game of the Champions is the news that the futbol world still wondering why, and the reason is simple Barcelona needs a change, not a change of coach or players, they need to change their strategy so that they are able to continue to surprise the advisories that they face every week.

Chelsea won in the aggregate and they probably played their toughest game of their life, the final will be tough, hey will either face Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, if they play Real Madrid, Chelsea needs to change its way Madrid strong offense is too much for a Chelsea team without John Terry and Miraeilles, if they face Bayern Munich they will have to play against a very discipline, strong and they will play the final game at Munich so Bayern will even be stronger.

What is next for Barcelona, they still need to play the final game of Copal del Rey against Bilbao, also they need to re-group and see what is next, will PEP continue?  Probably not, will Barcelona be as strong as today, maybe it all depends what will happen with the skipper of the team and key players that need a healthy bench with major talent to be able to go in and obtain a favorable result so that Barcelona can continue to climb the ladder to greatness.